1. The Object of our Faith: Jesus Christ always Existed. 1a. 2. The Proof of our Faith: Man Heard, Saw, Looked upon and Handled. vs 1b 3. The Substance of…
2 Principles to fight against the destructive sin of our own self. 1. Killing the sins that destroy us: vs 5-7. 2. Stopping sins that destroy our relationship: vs 8-10.
3 God Glorifying Purposes of Spiritual Gifts. 1. Exalt God's Power over Our Choice. (28) 2. Emphasize Christ not your Gifts. (29-30) 3. Earnestly Love others instead of your Gifts.…
2 Truths about Christ that Motivate us to Strive after Heavenly Things. 1. the Compulsion to pursue heavenly things vs. 1-2 2. The Reason to Pursue heavenly things vs.3-4
Correcting 2 Prideful Attitudes against Service. 1. An Inferiority Complex- Envying Others. (14-19) 2. A Superiority Complex- I Don't Need Others. (20-17)
2 Ministries of the Spirit that Unify the Church. 1. The Spirit Produces Focus Through Diversity. (12) 2. The Spirit Produces Maturity in His Baptism. (13)
3 God given Benefits of Spiritual Gifts: 2. A Proclamation of the Power of God. (7) 3. A Submission to the Plan of God. (8-11)
3 God Given Benefits of Spiritual Gifts: 1. A Complete Dependence on the Triune God. (4-6)
1. Walk in Holiness. 2. Wait in Hope. 3. Watch over our Hearts.