3 Divine Provisions that Deliver the Tempted: 1. God is Sovereign over Temptation. 2. God is Faithful in Temptation 3. God is our Victor in Temptation.
1. The Characteristics of worldly Philosophy. vs 8a 2. The source of Philosophy. vs 8b
3 Pitfalls of Pride we must Root Out: 1. Forsaking God's Blessing. (1-5) 2. Forgetting Sin's Power. (6-7) 3. Failing to Fear Our Judge.(8-10)
3 Guidelines for Running Well for Christ: 1. Run With Passion.(24) 2. Run with Purpose.(25-26) 3. Run With Purity. (27)
2 Joyful Attitudes of Christian Service: 1. Prioritising Ministry over Money. (15-18) 2. Pursuing the Lost through Love. (19-23)
5 Rights that Paul gave up in Gospel Service: 1. The Right to Respect.(1-2) 2. The Right to Comfort. (3-5) 3. The Right to Equality. (6-7) 4. The Right to…
1. Motivation: Christ is our Lord. vs 6 2. Means: God is our strength. vs 7
1. Confidence for Believers who have died. 2. Confidence for believers still alive. 3. Confidence for all Believers with Christ.
Four Ingredients that will enable us to obey God's Commandments: 1. Be Declined in your Thinking. 2. Be Alert Spiritually. 3. Be Singularly Focused. 4. Be Focused on Grace.
2 Focuses we must have that will help us strengthen the Weak. 1. Protect the weak from falling. (7-9) 2. We must prioritise holiness over Freedom. (10-13)