2 Reasons to draw near to our Lord' Table: 1. The Table Teaches us: Christ is Lord! (23-24) 2. The Table draws us to Christ's Love. (24-26)
1. Love one another. (Vs 9-10) 2. Live a quiet life. ( Vs 11a) 3. Mind your own business. ( Vs 11b) 4. Work with your own hands. (vs 11c)
4. Struggling for the Church constantly. 2:1-3
  Proclaiming Christ purposefully vs 28-29
2 Gospel perspectives on Marriage: Seek First-  Usefulness to the Lord (25-27). Sense the shortness of Earthly life (28-31).
Overcoming 2 hindrances to our witness:- Shunning culture instead of corruption. (17-19) Seeking justice over Jesus. (20-24)
THREE INSTRUCTIONS TO LIVE A SANCTIFIED LIFE Paul's extortion to live a life pleasing to God (1-2) Pauls reason for purity for the Thessalonians (3-5) Paul's motivation for the Believer…
2  unshakeable Contrasts of the righteous man: His Influence. (1-2) His impact . (3-6)
IMPERATIVE to go on to MATURITY (vs. 1-3) IMPOSSIBLE to RESTORE Enlightened Unbelievers (vs 4-8) PERSEVERING to the End to INHERIT the Promises (vs. 9-12)
2 Biblical directions for how we govern the Church. JESUS is the ONLY HEAD over the Church. JUSUS Rules throughout a PLURALITY OF ELDERS.
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