Four Ingredients of God Centered Thanksgiving  Saturated in the Joy of the Lord (1-2) Sustained by the Power of the Lord (3-4) Strengthened by the Grace of the Lord (5-7)…

Love in the Trenches

September 12, 2021
3 Pursuits of Christian Love in Trials  Strengthen your Fellow Saints (1) Seek the Stranger. (2) Share with the Suffering (3)

Disciples Under Christ

September 5, 2021
3 discipleship commitments to the word of Christ Receive the preaching of Christ's Word. (25) Revere the power of Christ's Word (25-27) Respond to the privilege  of Christ's Word. (29)

Sinai vs Zion

August 29, 2021
Contrast of Old and New Covenant Sainai - Without Christ (18-21) Zion - With Christ (22-24)  
NOTE: PART 1 OF THE SERMON IS AVAILABLE ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. KINLDY USE THE FOLLOWING LINK 2nd Strategy to avoid Spiritual Danger: ->Break Foolishness with Faith (16-17) 1.…
Four Means of Grace Christ Gives Through His Church: 1. The Word of Christ(42) 2. The Body Of Christ (42)- Fellowship 3. The Table of Christ (42) i) Communion with…

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