2 Commitments that Enable Ministry Integrity:- Begin with the Right Foundation. (10-11) Build with Eternal Goals. (12-15)
3 Analysis of Immaturity that help us Forsake it:- 3. We Loose our sense of Servanthood. (5-9)
2 Reasons to Remember apostolic warnings against apostates: Apostles represent the authority of Christ. (17-18a) Apostates destroy the Church. (18b-19)
3 Analyses of Immaturity that help us Forsake it:- We Leave our Satisfaction for the Word. ( 1-2) We Live in Strife Towards One Another. (3-4)
3 Sinful Speeches that we should look out for: Discontented Speech. (16a) Bombastic Speech. (16b) Flattering speech. (16c)
3 Treasures We Mine From Biblical Wisdom The Heart of God. (11) The Wisdom of Heaven. (12-13) The Mind of Christ. (14-16)
2 Superior Qualities of God's Wisdom:- It has Supernatural Strength (6-8) It is Spirit Empowered (9-10)
3 ways the Resurrection strengthens our Joy:- It exposes our Fears. (1-10) He bears our Sorrows. (11-18) It establishes our Peace. (19-20)
3 honorable characteristics of Christ as the Perfect Judge:- He is the Pre-existing Judge. Vs 14a He is a Powerful Judge. Vs 14b-15a He is the Pure Judge. Vs 15b
2 Convictions that make a Ministry Powerful: Showcase Christ not Self (1,2) Strive by the Spirit not Techniques (3-5)