2 Biblical directions for how we govern the Church. JESUS is the ONLY HEAD over the Church. JUSUS Rules throughout a PLURALITY OF ELDERS.
3 Reasons to have Joy on Trials Trials Prove our Genuine Faith vs. 3 Trials Produce Courageous Endurance vs 3 Trials provide Spiritual Maturity vs 4
4 Truths that Provide Security in Christ: The Cry of the Believer.(1-3) The Confidence of the Father.(4-6) The Conquest of the Son. (7-9) The Gospel Call of the Saviour. (10-12)
3 Unique glories about king Jesus. A King who Loves the Lowly. A King over all kings. A King who  bears our sin.
We consider Three aspects of the infinite wonder of glory that is to come: Complete Redemption. Perfect Sanctification. Perfect Knowledge.
Man, not Angels will Rule the World: vs 5 Man to be Crowned with Glory and Honor: vs 6-8 The Glorious Lord Jesus Christ: vs 9-10
3 ways the Resurrection strengthens our Joy:- It exposes our Fears. (1-10) He bears our Sorrows. (11-18) It establishes our Peace. (19-20)
2 Heart Cries of Gospel Living Saints: A Hunger for God's Forgiveness. (1-4) A Hope in God's Faithfulness. (5-8)
Three Excellent Characteristic of the Word that Motivate us to Meditate on it  It is Sufficient (7-8) It is Unique. (9) It is Precious (10-11)
3 Amazing Actions of God That Saves Sinners  He Declares His Judgement on the Sinners (1-4) He Starts His Saving work in Sinners. (5-9) He Grants His Forgiveness to Sinners(10)